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3 Reasons to Install an Intercom System in Your Home

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When you think about intercom systems, you probably think about them being used in schools, hospitals, and huge businesses. However, you should know that an intercom system can be a good addition to your home as well. These are a few reasons why you might want to consider installing one of these systems. 1. Make Your Baby Monitor Grow with Your Family If you have a little one in the house, you might feel a lot more comfortable with a baby monitor in place. However, there is an even better option — a home intercom system. Most systems include a “lock” function that will allow you to keep the system turned on in one room until you turn it off. This can be superior to a baby monitor for a few reasons; first of all, you can monitor your baby from all over the house without having to carry a separate device around with you. Plus, the device can grow with your baby and your family and can continue to function for many years to come rather than being put away or sold like your average baby monitor. 2. Save Time One of the main benefits of a home intercom system is the fact that it can save you a lot of time. You can communicate with the various people in your home or at your front door without having to stop what you are doing and leave the room that you’re in. This convenience alone can make one of these systems well worth their while. 3. Provide Added Security Opening your door for strangers at night — or any time of day, really — can put you and your family at risk. With a home intercom system, you can find out who is at your door without ever having to open it, which can help keep you and your family members from being in a bad situation. You can even look for a system that has nightvision and a camera so that you can physically see who is at your door before you open it. Don’t assume that intercom systems are only for big businesses or fancy houses. Even your average home can benefit greatly from one of these systems, and even though it will require a bit of an investment now, it is sure to pay off by providing your family with all of these benefits and more over time. Talk to a professional like Alpine Electronics and Communications for more...

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Does Your Small Business Need Managed Services For Security?

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Even small businesses can have data compromised or security of digital files breached, and the impact can be so devastating that it can cause the business to fail. But, as a small business owner, you probably don’t have a lot of time to ensure that your security is top notch. That’s why many small businesses are considering managed IT services that can detect and eliminate security and compliance issues. Questions to Ask About Your Small Business Security 1. Is Your Information Protected Everywhere it is Accessed? Many small businesses allow employees to access information via their own personal devices, like smartphones and tablets. But this may lead to security problems if the independent devices are not properly protected. On the other hand, you can’t really afford to purchase business-use-only devices for each employee — nor is that especially convenient for anyone. 2. Is Your Network Updated With the Latest Security Patches? Keeping up with what needs to be installed can seem like a full-time job — but it may not be enough to keep a full-time employee busy. Managed services can ensure that your servers and personal computers are protected from unauthorized access by installing new patches for software as soon as they are available. They can also keep anti-virus software installed at the server level and make sure it is working correctly. 3. Are You Protecting Your Customers’ Data Properly? Besides making sure you are secure, you also want to be sure you’re not doing anything that could make data accessible. Managed IT can recommend and monitor ways to store data and can update you if new requirements take effect and new methods become available. Areas Where Your Small Business Should Use Managed IT Services To make sure those questions are answered, you should review the four areas that small businesses should be most concerned about regarding digital information. If you don’t have an effective process in place for these, you may run into problems. Security. You could be responsible if your computers and servers are not updated and allow access to customer information. Managed services can identify best practices so you can show you were doing everything you could to protect data. Monitoring. If things start to go wrong, managed services can detect and fix the problem before everything breaks down. That means you don’t have to call in IT help after things are broken, leading to less lost productivity. Data Control. Not only do you not want unauthorized access to your data, but you don’t want an internal employee to accidentally delete critical information. That’s why regular backups are vital, and to ensure they are done, managed services can take care of that for you. Compliance. Depending on your industry, there are compliance issues — even just around accepting credit cards — that you may have to deal with. Are you an independent medical or health practitioner? You may be required to comply with HIPAA regulations, for example. Managed services that specialize in your industry can keep up to date with the requirements and make sure you are keeping compliant. If you were to be audited, this would be a a big time saver. While it may seem like managed IT services are for bigger businesses, there are definite reasons why small businesses can use these...

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A Slow Tablet May Not Be A Complete Loss

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Tablets, like most of the mobile device world, are simply computers with a different type of interface. Like any other computer, tablets may slow down from being overloaded, bogged down with inefficient programming code, viruses or simple errors with the device. Before getting rid of your tablet and possibly getting into the same situation with a new device, consider a few ways to speed up your system. What Causes Tablets To Slow Down? Tablet users are tempted by the many downloadable programs or ‘apps’ that are available. There are many amazing things to do with apps, but it’s important to understand that the world of mobile app design is still in its infant stages. There are many app designers who do not yet know or fully understand the best programming practices. For this reason, some apps may use up too many resources. Apps may not close properly, which can cause a background leak of resources that takes away from your tablet’s available memory and processing power. It’s logical to believe that uninstalling an app would fix the problem, but this isn’t always the case. The uninstaller is another piece of code that can be written, and it can be run incorrectly as well. Some uninstalled may leave behind instruction files to bring up your tablet’s resources for use, reserve them and do nothing else. If you have a tablet that is nearing 2 or 3 years old, you may be a few generations behind the current app demand. When new mobile device technology is available, many developers clamor to take advantage of everything the world of technology has to offer. Although it’s good programming practice to do more with less, your tablet may still be too far below the minimum requirements for the new device generations.  Fixing Slowdown Or Working Around The Problem The first step is to at least try to uninstall unnecessary or problematic apps. If you’re not using the app often or if the app doesn’t work, go to the settings area for your tablet.  Locate the manage applications or remove applications area and remove the application. Once removed, restart the tablet by pressing the reset button, turning the tablet off and back on, or removing the battery and putting it back in. After the tablet has turned back on and finished setting up, test the performance. If the performance is still slow, you likely have lingering files from a poorly written program. Return to the settings and perform a factory reset, which may be in different areas of the settings, depending on the brand. A factory reset returns the tablet to the same settings as when it was shipped from the manufacturer. Default apps, removed personal settings and other options will be set back to the tablet’s ‘normal’ configuration. Items on your tablet’s removable memory (SD card, connected memory devices, etc) will not be erased unless you specifically select such options. If the tablet is still slow after returning to factory defaults, contact a tablet repair professional for advanced...

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Choosing The Right Features For Your Home’s New Security System

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In the past, home security systems had one main feature, which was monitoring the entryways of your home. As technology advances, you can choose different options for your security needs. However, before you choose a security system, you want to know more about the different features so you can pick the right security system for your home. Live Monitoring One beneficial option to utilize is live monitoring that some companies offer. In most cases, the live monitoring is 24/7, which means no matter what time of day or night it is; someone is monitoring your alarm system. When you choose this feature, the company will contact you if the alarm is triggered, so they can verify the reason for the system being activated. For example, if you input the wrong code and the system sends a warning to the security company, they will call to see if you need help. This feature can prevent your security system from sending the police to your home when a problem does not exist. Wireless Monitoring Another feature that gives you some additional control over your home’s security system is wireless monitoring. This option allows you to verify that the alarm is on and that your doors and windows are locked as well. With wireless monitoring, you can check the status of your system through a Smartphone app or personal computer. For example, you can check the locks for your home and if you notice that the front door is not locked this program can help you out. The program allows you to send a command to the door and engage the lock so you do not have to drive all the way home to lock your door. Home Automation A newer feature that some companies offer is home automation. The automation feature gives you access to other areas of your home such as the light switches, thermostat and access to your video surveillance system. This can also be a very useful feature when you want to make it look like someone is home when you have to stay at work late. For example, you can program the system to turn on the lights in your living room, which makes potential thieves think someone is inside your home. Additionally, you can use the same program to turn on the outside lights, so you can see your walkway when you get home late at night. When looking for a new security system at places like American Wireless Alarm Inc, you have to consider the features each model offers you. Once you have some additional information, you can look for a company that offers the security features you...

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Two Reasons Why Colocation Services Are Beneficial For Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, every single thing counts.  You are likely looking to grow your business, and the best way to do that is to cut costs while simultaneously increasing the visibility of your company.  Partnering with a colocation facility may prove to be the key that helps you to achieve both of the aforementioned aims.  A colocation center allows business owners to rent the server space that they need to maintain functioning websites that keep them at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Learning more about the benefits of partnering with a colocation service can help you determine if you should do so right away: Colocation Is All About Saving Money Colocation services save business owners money in many different ways.  The servers used to keep websites online are very heavy and quite expensive.  As a small business owner, you may not have the necessary capital available to purchase such a pricey piece of machinery.  Also, if you were to try to fit one of these hulking pieces of equipment into your own business facility, you may find that you would require more space to accommodate it.  Utilizing colocation services helps you avoid having to shoulder all of these expenses on your own.  Colocation facilities market their services to a number of different business owners so that there is a shared pool of funds. Each person involved in the program purchases a certain amount of space on the server, and is also charged a monthly fee that covers the electrical costs involved with powering such large pieces of equipment.   Colocation Services Include Managed Care One of the best benefits of investing in colocation services is that you will gain access to a managed care community.  The colocation facility that you partner with will have an extensive team of information technology (IT) experts who will work to make sure that the network and the servers always operate with the greatest level of proficiency.  This is vital because if your virtual customers attempt to make a purchase from your website and run into an error, they will likely take their business elsewhere. Because you will have managed care, you won’t have to spend excess money hiring in-house IT personnel.  Instead of worrying about the status of your network, you can rest assured that it is in the best hands. Colocation services are the perfect solution for small business owners who want to grow their company.  Contact a colocation facility, like Isomedia, Inc, today so you can start enjoying these benefits and many...

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How To Make Your Family Feel Safe After A Break-In

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After a home robbery, you probably feel violated and fearful that the thieves will come back again. These feelings, among many others, are felt by everyone in the family, from the littlest toddlers to the oldest grandparents. Luckily, there are a few things you can to do make your family feel safe once again. While it’s obvious to install an alarm system, there are additional things you can do. Keep reading to learn more: 1. Get Guard Dog – Or Pretend You Did If you’ve ever contemplated getting a family dog, now might be the time. Dogs are great at making people of any age feel safer in their own home. Bullmastiffs, Doberman Pinschers, and Rottweilers are considered to be the top 3 best breads for guarding homes. Giant Schnauzers, Pulis, Komondors, German Shepherds, and Staffordshire Terriers also make wonderful guard dogs. If getting a guard dog is not your thing, then fake it with a recording of a barking dog. Thieves won’t know you really don’t have a dog inside your home once they hear the barking. But if that isn’t feasible for you either, displaying a “beware of the dog” sign is also enough to keep most robbers away. 2. Buy A Taser Gun Many homeowners aren’t thrilled with the idea of having a gun in the home. But you can still add a layer of security to your house and make your family feel safer with a taser gun. Tasers aren’t considered to be firearms and can be carried in most states without a permit. But there are some states and localities that do have laws surrounding taser guns, so always check with your local government before purchasing one. 3. Seek Support Having your home broken into and your personal space violated is enough to cause significant psychological and emotional effects. The biggest effect is an overwhelming fear and anxiety about being harmed. The best way to deal with these emotions and feelings is to meet with a therapist or counselor. The whole family can go together, or each person can have their own sessions. If you prefer, seek support from family and friends. 4. Learn Self Defense Last but not least, you can invest in some self-defense lessons for your entire family. Today, you can find classes specifically for women, children, and men. Or, you could find a teacher who could give your family a private lesson. When you know a few moves to protect yourself from harm in the future, you’ll have peace of mind and you will feel safer in your home. The best way to feel safer in your own home is when you are armed with tools that make you feel protected and safe. The first thing you should do is install an alarm system, but now you know 4 additional things you can do to feel safer in your own house. Should you need help with that first item, consider reading ADT home security reviews...

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3 Types Of Geothermal Power Plants

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Geothermal energy is much cheaper than many other forms of energy, including fossil fuels. As a result, more people are becoming interested in how geothermal works to create power to provide energy to their businesses and homes. The general way that geothermal energy is generated is by using the process of hydrothermal convection, which occurs in nature without any assistance. Cool water will go into the crust of the earth. Once it reaches the crust, the water is heated up and is forced to move towards the surface of the crust, where it becomes steam. Once the water becomes steam, it is fairly simple for a generator to capture the steam and turn it into energy. There are three different models of geothermal power plants that can be set up. 1. Dry Steam Power Plant In this type of plant, the steam from the hot air goes right into the turbine, which is what turns to generate energy. As soon as the steam finishes turning the turbine, it enters a chamber where it is condensed back into normal water. This water is cooled and then returned to the crust where it can be used again once it heats back up. Because nothing is lost during this transition, the heat source’s life is extended. 2. Depressurization Power Plant This second type of plant creates energy slightly more quickly, but requires some energy to start the process. This plant takes very hot water and then abruptly depressurizes it so that it becomes steam. Essentially, the plant flashes the hot water into steam, immediately generating energy. In order for this plant to run effectively, there always needs to be some supply of energy on hand that can be used to turn the hot water into steam on demand. As a result, this type of plant will have some energy reserves at all time. 3. Binary System Cycle Power Plant The binary system takes hot water and uses it to heat another liquid that will more easily turn into steam, such as isobutane. Because isobutane does not require the same amount of heat to boil, requiring far less in fact, it is far more energy efficient to turn it into steam rather than the hot water. Once the heat from the water has been exhausted, the water is returned to the earth. Contact a local geothermal energy company to find out which kind of power plant they...

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Labeling Your Company Computers With Asset Tags: What Tags Are Most Useful

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Asset tags are can be beneficial for your company computers for a few different reasons. They can help prevent theft and can make it easier for you to keep up with all of your equipment a bit more easily, for example. Not all asset tags are created equally, however, so you should consider having them custom-made. When you do, make sure that you include these things for optimum results: Your Company Name What good is an asset tag if it doesn’t show ownership to your company? By having your company’s name put on your asset tags, you can show possession. In the event that your computers get stolen, this tidbit of information can be very helpful in the recovery process. Plus, many people will avoid stealing computers at all if they know that they are labeled with a certain company’s name. Labeling System for Computer Location You never know when a computer might need to be removed from the premises for repairs, plus you can make it easy for you to place your computers in their proper places in the event that your company moves to another location. This is why it’s a good idea to use a simple labeling system that will make it easy for you to find a computer’s proper home. For example, you can use a number or letter code to designate which floor the computer should be on or which department it should be placed in. You could also use color coding if you prefer. Either way, it will make moving your computers to and from their proper locations a whole lot easier. Necessary Network and Computer-Related Information Your asset tags make it easy for you to keep network and computer-related information close at hand. For example, you could put your network’s IP address or other networking information on the asset tags. Then it will be simple for employees to connect to the network when necessary. Barcode If possible, consider creating a barcode system with your asset tags. Then, you can quickly and easily scan your computers to do inventory or to check for software and hardware-related information. Asset tags are a necessity for computers in a large business or even in a school or other similar setting. By adding these few important things to your asset tags, you can ensure that you’re making the most out of them and can keep your computer equipment safe and in easy-to-use condition. To learn more, contact a company like Name That...

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Two Inconspicuous Ways You Might Get A Virus On Your Computer

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Owner a computer is almost a necessity in this day and age, but doing so does not come without a new set of worries and an entirely new meaning to what you formerly knew as a virus. Computer viruses, usually designed by hackers who are up to no good, can come in the form of trojans, malware, adware, and worms, all of which can attack your system in a unique way. Clicking Links In The Wrong Email Everyday, your email can see hundreds of new messages. Most of these will come from your personal contacts or Internet interest and activities, but in every few hundred emails, there will be a few dubbed as spam. However, there is a fine line between spam and a threat to your computer’s health. Just by clicking a link in the wrong email attachment, you could be inadvertently allowing a virus to make its way in. The best way to avoid a virus in email is to pay careful attention to what it is you are clicking on. Never open attachments from senders you do not know or fully trust and report anything suspicious to your email provider. Signing Up for That Free Sample Everybody loves freebies and just one look online will give you thousands of options for so called free items. Unfortunately, people who are unsuspecting and unfamiliar with just how low hackers will go, often take everything they see online as fact.  After all, if something says it is free, then it must be. Unfortunately, this train of thought can lead people to download dangerous software, give up personal information, and make way for viruses to run rampant on their PC. You really must use a discerning eye when a site is offering you something for nothing.  It is possible to get free samples, but make sure what you find offered is from a reputable source and keep in mind these companies will not ask you for personal information or require you to download anything in order to take advantage of the offer. It is much easier to avoid getting a virus on your personal computer than it is to actually remove one. Not only will a virus typically cause damage to your hard drive, it will normally require the help of professional computer repair services, like Smart Choice Computer Solutions, to eliminate its presence. Make sure that you are careful and leery of the things you find online as viruses can sometimes be hidden in the most unlikely places....

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Four Freaky Facts About Copy Machines

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Copy machines are handy devices, to be sure. They allow both businesspeople and ordinary consumers to reproduce documents, photos, and other items so that they have an original and can provide a copy to someone else if need be. Most people are familiar with how copy machines work, but there are a few things that people may have never heard of and so are not aware of. Here are five freaky facts about copy machines that may surprise you and may help you out later on: 1. Copy Machines Store Information Like most devices with computers in them, copy machines have memory in them. Whenever you photocopy something, the computer scans it and saves that information in its internal memory. Therefore, if you ever get rid of or recycle your copy machine, you need to wipe its memory completely clean. Failure to do so could potentially result in the leak of personal or confidential information. 2. Your Copy Machine Has A Thumbprint… Sort Of Just like people, copy machines have a special mechanism used to identify each individual model. While people have their unique thumbprints as a method of identification, copy machines have a unique dot sequence that they print on every reproduced document. Of course, these dots are so microscopic that they cannot readily be seen with the naked eye, but if a copy machine is ever used for a malicious purpose, the government can trace the document that was printed back to one specific copy machine. 3. Foreign Copy Machines Are Ninjas A certain copy machine in Japan has been found to have the fastest print speed in the world. This device is fairly large, yet it has the ability to produce 150 pages per minute. Talk about efficient! The people in that Japanese office probably never have to worry about a backlog of documents piling up waiting to be copied, because everything gets done rapidly with the assistance of this machine. 4. The First Copy Machine Was A Success of Explosive Proportions When the first copy machine was invented, its creators must have been so happy–especially when they found out that it actually worked! However, this copy machine had one fatal flaw: it would frequently catch fire as a result of overheating from excessive use. Apparently, this was a common occurrence, because the copier manufacturers would actually ship fire extinguishers as accessories with their copy machines… if and when an accident did happen. Indeed, copy machines benefit everyone’s lives in more ways than one, but they can be quite strange in some cases. Hopefully, the information presented above entertained and educated you and provided a means for you to know what to do in certain situations involving these amazing devices. Contact a local copier dealer like Bircham’s for more...

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