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Hacked Smartphones: The Company IT Trojan Horse And What To Do About It

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Hacked Smartphones: The Company IT Trojan Horse And What To Do About It

Businesses are increasingly using mobile devices to get work done. While mobile devices come with the convenience of being mobile, it is also possible to hack them. Then, with a hacked mobile device, a hacker may access your network. The best way to prevent this is to educate your employees on how to prevent their smartphones from being hacked. What A Hacker Will Do With An Employee’s Phone If the hackers install snoopware on a phone, they may be able to listen in on cell phone calls and learn company secrets. This is a type of malware that is able to monitor messages transmitted by a phone. The software is able to run in stealth mode. The software is usually delivered by a text message, so instruct your employees to not open messages from those they do not know. Why Password Protection Is Essential Many users do not have passwords for their phones. This means that someone can easily pick up the phone and install any software that they want, including remote monitoring software. The password must be one that is easy for the user to remember, but difficult for others to guess. Birthdays are a terrible choice for a password, for example. Always protect your company’s Wi-Fi with a password. While this might be inconvenient for employees, a public Wi-Fi allows for phones to easily be hacked and also allows for hackers to gain access to your network. Turn Off The Bluetooth Settings Instruct your employees to turn off their bluetooth settings, since these can be used by hackers to gain access to phones. Many cell phones come with the bluetooth settings enabled by default. The bluetooth settings can usually be turned off in the “settings” portion of your phone. Also, you can turn off your bluetooth settings more quickly by switching to airplane mode. Instruct On The Warning Signs Of A Hacked Phone Inform employees on warning signs of a hacked smartphone. The most obvious sign is that the smartphone behaves strangely. For example, you might notice windows opening or closing unexpectedly. The battery should drain more quickly than usual, even when not in use. Also, tell your employees to monitor their cell phone bills for signs of sudden changes in their bills. Hiring an IT consultant can help your business more effectively develop safeguards against attempts to breach your network. IT consultants can better explain the ways in which your employees can prevent their smartphones from being hacked....

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Playing Phone Tag Too Often? Try Phone Systems Relay Instead (And Why A Phone Relay Is Better Than Phone Tag)

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Playing Phone Tag Too Often? Try Phone Systems Relay Instead (And Why A Phone Relay Is Better Than Phone Tag)

In business, you are constantly receiving phone calls and messages. While voicemail has its benefits, being sent to voicemail repeatedly can really frustrate your customers and other companies with which you are trying to do business. Instead, you may want to consider leaving the phone tag game behind and install relay phone systems in addition to or instead of voicemail and computer answering services. This is how these systems would work and why they may be a better idea than voicemail alone. What a Phone Relay System Can Do That Voicemail Cannot Usually, phone relay systems are used in conjunction with the deaf, blind and/or hard of hearing. People make calls to a specific number, which routes the call through a relay system to a TTY operator (a relay system operator) who can type, talk or text the receiver of the call. The sender of the call talks or types on a special keyboard what they want to ask or tell the receiver of the call. People who do not have challenges can also use the system because it can help reduce the number of calls the sender has to make by relaying the call to every number on the system that are connected to a particular receiver. For example, if you have ten numbers for your business by which customers or business clients may contact you, they only have to dial the relay number to get through to any of your established contact numbers. While this is certainly an added benefit to installing such a system (because you can easily conduct business or answer questions with customers with these particular physical challenges), certain types of relay systems can do even more than just communicate with people with these disabilities. Many styles of relay phone systems can forward the calls to other phones that are connected to a relay phone, which allows you to answer the call anywhere you have a relay phone installed. Additionally, the technologically-advanced versions of relay systems now have the ability to relay conversations to your cell phone via text message. Because you are able to respond with your own texts, you never miss a call or have to respond to a voicemail left by a TTY operator. (The TTY operator may leave a voicemail message in lieu of your customer or business client leaving one when you have a “speech-to-speech” line installed.) Calls Forwarded Rather Than Sent to Voicemail Since the relay system can forward all of your calls to your cell phone or other phones that are included in the relay system, you never have to miss another call. You can take calls from people without physical challenges and you can take calls from people with challenges. The only time your calls would be sent to voicemail is when you personally send them to voicemail. The rest of the time, you can expect your business phones and company cell phones to ring or receive text messages through the relay system. You would never miss a call or a text from the relay phone system ever (unlike voicemail). If, at any time, you want to change how you receive the calls and texts through the relay system, all you have to do is phone the relay system and request that a particular phone number...

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Two Tips For Those Considering Buying A Home Theater System

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Two Tips For Those Considering Buying A Home Theater System

Having a high-quality home theater system can dramatically improve your viewing experience when watching movies or televisions. While the installation of one of these systems can be an excellent investment, there are many homeowners that are not experienced with these sound systems. As a result, they may struggle to make informed choices when shopping for and installing these systems. Luckily, you can use these two tips to help ensure that you avoid these issues. Consider Opting For A Wireless Theater System There are many homeowners that assume installing a theater system will involve running extensive wiring and cabling throughout the room. Luckily, technological advances have eliminated this need. Currently, it is possible to opt for a wireless sound system. While this type of sound system will cost more than a wired option, it may be more than worth it to avoid the hassle of having a lot of new wires while enjoying theater quality sound. Make Sure To Protect The System Against Power Surges Unfortunately, there are many people that make the mistake of failing to adequately protect these systems against electrical surges. However, these surges are fairly common, and they can almost instantly destroy your new sound system. While you may assume a standard surge protector will be sufficient, this may not be the case. These cheap surge protectors can be overwhelmed by particularly powerful surges. Also, cheaper protectors may only be designed to withstand a single surge, which may expose your theater system to damage. The best option for protecting your theater system from this threat is to opt for a whole house surge protection system. These systems intercept any potentially damaging surges at the electrical entry point of the home.  If this is not an option for you, it is possible to buy surge suppressors that can be attached to individual outlets. Regardless of the option you choose, it is possible to greatly mitigate the threat against a power surge ruining your new home theater system. Choosing to install a home theater system can be an excellent option for enhancing your movie and television viewing. However, these systems can be highly complex, and they represent a major investment in your home. By making sure that you understand that you can opt for a wireless entertainment system as well as the steps you can take to protect it against damaging electrical surges, you can help ensure that your home theater system lasts for as long as possible. To learn more, contact a company likeA Tech...

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Using Voip Technology For Your Telephone Service

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Using Voip Technology For Your Telephone Service

Unlike traditional telephone service that uses a hard wired line to transmit signal, VoIP technology uses the Internet to allow users to talk to one another on the phone. There are several benefits to choosing VoIP service over traditional landline methods. Here are some of the ways that this new technology can make using your phone system easier and better. Flexibility The use of VoIP service lets you convert your voice signal into a data signal that transmits over the Internet. If you have this service and call a regular phone number, the signal can be converted back to a regular signal quickly before it reaches the person on the other end. A real benefit to having VoIP service is its flexibility of use. Since the phone service is attached to your account via your computer or with a traditional phone using a special adapter, you can use this service anywhere you need to. It’s a good solution for business owners who want to use their company phone number but need to travel frequently. You can also transfer the service to a new location without having to change phone numbers or wait for the new service to be connected. Easy Changes For businesses, you may need to add or take a away a phone line depending on the number of employees you have. With VoIP service, you can easily log into your web account interface and make the changes to  your account at any time. There’s no need to call a service technician or deal with the telephone company to make these changes. Instead, simply log into your VoIP program and do whatever you need to. The changes take effect immediately, so it’s a very simple way to update or downgrade your phone system in real time whenever you need. Cost Savings With a hosted VoIP telephone system, you can save money in a number of ways. There is little to no equipment needed since the system works completely through the Internet. You also don’t need to pay for a technician to come out and install more lines or add equipment because everything is done online without the use of hard wired phones. There’s also less maintenance to worry about, thereby saving on repair costs. Making International calls on a VoIP system is also less expensive because all of your services are bundled into the VoIP interface program. Thanks to this modern technology in phone systems, consumers and businesses can save time, money, and hassle. For more information about using VoIP systems, contact a local telephone service like Dalton...

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Answering A Couple Of Common Terminal Emulation Questions

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Answering A Couple Of Common Terminal Emulation Questions

Meeting the technological needs of your enterprise can seem like a daunting task for you to undertake. Without experience in this area, it can be easy for you to feel overwhelmed by this aspect of managing your business. For example, terminal emulation can help your business minimize upgrade costs and improve efficiency. However, if you are unfamiliar with this type of technology, you may need these two questions answered before deciding on this investment. How Can Terminal Emulation Help Your Business? Your company may have needed to have custom software made in the past. Unfortunately, this software can become outdated, and paying to keep it maintained can prove to be extremely costly. To this end, you can opt for terminal emulation to mimic the native environment for the application. By utilizing this software, you can continue to enjoy using your older applications on newer machines. Additionally, your enterprise may have terminals that are designed for specific purposes. In order to access the information inside these terminals without being at the terminal, you will need an emulator to allow your computer to communicate with the terminal. By making the investment in having an emulator developed for your company, you can ensure that your employees are able to quickly work on or access the information inside all of the programs your company uses. Is Terminal Emulation Secure? Modern business leaders must constantly work to ensure that their enterprise’s technological infrastructure is as secure as possible. As a result, it is common for individuals to be skeptical before installing new software or hardware on their company computer network. Fortunately, terminal emulators can be extremely secure depending on the security of your network. These systems merely act as interpreters for the older software, and as long as proper encryption is used on your network, the information should be safe from these criminals. If you still have concerns about the security of these applications, you can have a custom one developed that utilizes encryption throughout the program. While this can be somewhat expensive, coupling this type of encryption with comprehensive network security will make it as secure as possible. The use of terminal emulators has become extremely common as many companies have legacy software that is still occasionally needed. Yet, paying for the constant upgrades needed for these applications can represent a sizable drain on your company’s resources. By understanding how terminal emulation can help your enterprise as well as the fact that this software can be extremely secure, you will be in a much stronger position for making the decision to start utilizing this...

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How To Repair Your Kid’s Broken Ipad Screen

Posted by on Jan 18, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Repair Your Kid’s Broken Ipad Screen

Today, many kids use iPads for gaming and for completing schoolwork. However, while an iPad is a great educational tool and gaming device, it is not a toy. When your kid drops his or her iPad like a rag doll onto the floor and cracks the screen, you may see dollar signs for its repair if it has outlived its warranty. The good news is you can easily replace your kid’s iPad screen yourself. Step One: Buy A Replacement Screen When you purchase a screen replacement, the new screen usually has a digitizer attached to it. The digitizer is the part of an iPad that enables touch screen capabilities. Bear in mind that if the LCD panel underneath your screen is also damaged, replacing it at the same time is best. You can purchase a kit for screen replacement, but if you are trying to save money, buying just the screen and digitizer is a good idea. Screen replacement kits usually contain additional tools for completing your screen repair, but you can use other tools you have at home for deceiving the same results like the following: A heat gun or hair dryer for loosening the seal that holds the screen in place. A guitar pick for separating the screen from the base of the pad. Never use a razor blade or other sharp instrument because you can cut or damage components. Adhesive glue tape specially made for your iPad model. You can purchase glue tape at most computer outlet retailers. Step Two: Disassembling Your iPad Use your heat gun or hair dryer on low heat for loosening the existing adhesive tape holding your iPad screen on. Remember to keep the gun or hair dryer heat moving back and forth all the time to prevent electronic damage. Once you have completed heating, use the guitar pick to gently pry open the device, separating the screen for its removal. Once you have the old screen off, gently remove the adhesive so you can replace it with new tape. You can use the guitar pick to scrape the old tape off so you do not risk damaging components vital to your iPad’s functioning. Step Three: Putting On The New Screen Once you have the old screen off and the old adhesive cleaned completely off, you can start placing the new adhesive tape. Keep in mind that the tape you buy for your particular iPad model is shaped for placement in certain places, so putting it down according to the appearance of the outer edges is important. After you have all the pieces of adhesive tape in place, you can place the new screen on them, gently pressing it to make good contact with the adhesive. Your screen should hold and will be as durable as the one your iPad had when it was new. Before you start your DIY iPad screen repair project, take the time to check out the many online video tutorials for showing you how. Doing so is a good idea for learning insider tricks from professionals that have replaced many screens. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Wynn Win IT Solutions or a similar...

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Make Sure That Your Internet Is Ready For Gaming

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Make Sure That Your Internet Is Ready For Gaming

The world of online gaming introduces amazing ways to work together and compete with gamers across the world. While not all games require lightning-fast reflexes and elite computer specifications, any attempt at competitive gameplay can end early if the Internet fails. Internet failure is actually a complex pit of errors, disconnects and misunderstandings, so take the time to understand what to go wrong before wildly striking at techniques and services that won’t help you. Lag, Bane of Online Gamers Lag is something often discussed within online gaming worlds, but is often misunderstood. For the most part, lag is understood to be anything that slows down a gamer’s playing performance. The term comes from computer networking in general, which is the backbone of how online gaming works. When information is delayed in any part of the network, the information is considered to be lagging behind. This could be caused by anything from Internet connectivity issues to an overload of Internet traffic, or even hardware failure. Online games exist on top of network servers and other network systems. Although the game is the main feature, a game is still simply a service that runs on a complex system of network areas that could slow down for various reasons. For players, lag manifests itself as spells that won’t cast in the right amount of time, abilities that fail to execute even after multiple button presses and running in place. The lag could be with your character’s performance, or you might be watching another character run in place. What Causes Lag? Although there are multiple causes of lag, focus on the causes that affect you the most.  When lag happens, there are two areas that need to be checked: the game server and your Internet connection. Although on drastically different sides of the Internet, these two basic areas can give you quick answers with little effort. To check the game server’s lag issues, visit the game’s official website. Look for any announcement of server issues and check any forums–namely technical support or customer support–for server problem reports from other players. The players are likely to discover these issues before the employees, as lag impacts the very second that players are engaged in the game–periodic checks from technicians are not so instant in terms of reporting. To test your own connection, visit any speed test website and perform a test. If your Internet speed isn’t at the level you’re paying for, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as soon as possible. There could be a local issue or a complete regional failure that you should request compensation for once the network issues are resolved. There are other problems outside of slow Internet speed that could lead to lag. The term disconnect is understood to be a complete loss of connection from the game, the Internet at large or any web service, but disconnects can happen so rapidly that you never lose a full connection. Intermittent connectivity is a term used to describe connections that disconnect and reconnect so fast that your game or network doesn’t register the failure. In intermittent cases, information is still being delayed by the flickering connection status, which results in lag. Speak with an ISP technician as soon as possible to discuss any Internet issues you may be having to keep your gaming experience efficient and...

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Developing A Mobile Web Presence: Should You Start With A Mobile Website Or A Mobile App?

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Developing A Mobile Web Presence: Should You Start With A Mobile Website Or A Mobile App?

As the world has become more technologically advanced, owning and using devices with Internet capabilities has become mainstream. Many devices are mobile, so you can get online at any time, from any location. As a business owner, you are now faced with different choices for your web presence. While you may already have a website up and running, it is not enough. To remain competitive, people need to be able to look up your business from a mobile device. So, do you have a mobile website developed, or choose to have a mobile app instead? Here are a few things to consider while making your decision. Mobile Website Contrary to common belief, when you access a mobile website on a Smartphone or tablet, you are not looking at the same things you would see on the company’s website accessed from a desktop or laptop computer. Generally, the flash programs, streaming music, and other bells and whistles are left off a mobile website to ensure you can navigate quickly and easily through the site. It is browser based, meaning you have to have an Internet connection to view it. Any device that can access the Internet can see and use a mobile website. You can view the information on the site in real time as it is updated constantly.  Mobile App A mobile app is downloaded to your device. It is possible to access an app when you are not online. However, anything you see on the site may need to be updated to be accurate. For example, if you have an online app that allows you to order merchandise from your phone, you can see the catalog and put things in your shopping cart while you are offline. However, until you go online, the order is not placed. In addition, you may find out an item you want is out of stock after getting online to complete the transaction. Another drawback to apps is that they are device and operating system specific. They are not going to work on every device just because it can connect to the Internet. You may be able to use the app on your phone, but not on your tablet or vice versa. Having some type of web presence that can be accessed on the go is vital to your business. If you want to reach the most customers and offer them information about your company and business, go with a mobile website. However, if you are more interested in creating an interactive game, or allowing customers to view the information offline, go with an app. You can always start with a website and add an app later, or, you could create a website that is more interactive and can be used as an app too. The important thing is to provide your customers with a way of finding you when they are not near a...

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4 Great Benefits Of Getting Cable

Posted by on Aug 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Great Benefits Of Getting Cable

Have you been debating whether or not to take the plunge and sign up for cable? There are more than a couple compelling reasons to give it a try. Variety of local and national channels If you’re looking to expand your entertainment horizons, cable is an excellent option. Cable providers are required by the FCC to offer all local broadcast stations a spot on the cable lineup. This is called mandatory carriage, and it ensures that cable subscribers have equal access to all local channels. But you’re not only limited to local stations– cable subscribers also have a wide variety of national news, sports, and entertainment channels. Some cable companies even offer different packages, so you can get the types of channels that you watch the most. Alternatively, some companies are even starting to allow customers to cherry pick what channels they want, instead of having to choose a set package. Greater parental control Both cable and broadcast stations must adhere to certain ratings guidelines. Those ratings are slightly different from the ones used by the Motion Picture Association of America for movies, although the setup is very similar. TV-PG, for instance, indicates that parental guidance is recommended for that program. And while that ratings system can be very useful for parents, cable subscribers can go one step further. Cable providers must give their subscribers access to something called a lockbox, if requested. The lockbox is a device that hooks up to your cable, and allows you to restrict what channels your television receives. If there’s a station you aren’t comfortable letting your kids watch, you can prevent your TV from even receiving it. Exclusive content More and more, stations are allowing the public to have access to shows and content online. Some cable providers have jumped on board with this, partnering with different channels to give their subscribers access to that content for no additional fee. While the latest episode of your favorite show might cost you money to watch online normally, you may be able to enter your cable username and password and watch that show for free. More educational and children’s programming The FCC requires all channels to carry some amount of children’s programming– typically referred to as E/I (educational/informational) programming. For cable providers, there are a few additional requirements. Cable providers must put a few channels aside to be used entirely for PEG (public, educational, or governmental) programming, meaning you have constant access to PEG shows. If you’re on the fence about whether or not cable is right for you, talk to a local cable provider like Valley TeleCom Group about what different packages are available, and what other benefits they offer their...

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The Latest & Greatest Innovations In PCB

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Latest & Greatest Innovations In PCB

PCB (printed circuit board) is used in the manufacturing of the many electronic items that people use on a daily basis. Whether you work in the industry that manufactures PCBs or you simply have a personal interest in the field, you might be interested in learning about some recent innovations within the field. Here is an overview of some of the technological advancements in PCBs: New & improved graphic user interface In an effort to improve the speed and ease of using certain functions on electronics products, a new and improved graphic user interface (GUI) has been introduced. In addition, the GUI also has the ability to fully integrate with other programs, which can make achieving certain goals a breeze. Furthermore, the highly improved interface can provide consumers with a special view that provides them with quick reference information, as well as the ability to zoom in.  Stretchable electronics & improved healthcare Improvements in the ability to stretch electronics are being used in healthcare. These electronics, which include brain and heart electrodes, display panels, and more, are making it easier for healthcare professionals to complete certain tests on their patients. Not only can this improve the accuracy of making certain diagnoses, but it can improve treatment, as well. New and improved stretchable electronics are made possible by combining elastomer-covered circuit boards with materials that can conduct electricity, such as wavy silicon nanometers.  Smaller devices with improved functionality As a result of various innovations within the PCB world, electronics manufacturers have the ability to downsize devices while simultaneously improving functionality. Improvements in speed and reliability are made possible by engineers working feverishly to produce PCBs with the ability to provide power to multiple components. Smaller devices can benefit consumers and medical personnel in several ways. Not only can smaller devices improve accuracy, but it can improve productivity, as well.  3D printing contributes to PCB improvements With such a high demand for electronics in a multitude of industries, as well as among consumers, greater amounts of PCBs are needed. In an effort to meet this demand, manufacturers are working on creating 3D printing, which will have the ability to produce PCBs at a faster pace, while improving their efficiency and performance at the same time. While this technology isn’t yet available, researchers are working to release it in the near future. New innovations in the field of advanced circuit boards has been exceeding the needs of consumers and professional worldwide. Lives are also being saved as a result of technological advancements within the circuit board industry, and future advancements will continue to provide even more benefits, making life easier in the...

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