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How To Seamlessly Integrate A Personal Assistant Into Your Life

There may come a time in your life when you are no longer able to deal with all of the personal and professional work that you have on your own. If you are a busy professional and there are some details that you are neglecting on behalf of more important things, a personal assistant will make a big difference. A personal assistant can take care of the scheduling, pick-ups around town, filing, and other small details. The biggest issue that you will have is finding a way to make sure that your assistant has access to all of your technology and that you maintain control. Here are some ways to seamlessly integrate an assistant into your life. 

Install a home access system with a code

If your assistant will be making personal runs for you, they may need access to your home. For this to take place safely and easily, you may need to install an access control lock with a code from a company like Complete Cabling Solutions Inc. Both your family and your personal assistant can have the code to get inside of the home without the use of a key. If you prefer swipe cards, you may be able to handle these out to your family. 

Set up email management 

Emails are the main method of much business communication, but dealing with an onslaught of emails all day can be difficult. One of the best ways to deal with emails is to allow your assistant to separate them into categories and you handle the more important or personal emails. Set up an email account for your personal assistant that the two of you have access to. Have them forward any emails that need to be handled by you personally while they handle all of the other emails and details. This will free up your time exponentially.

Get a cellular phone line for your assistant

Getting on the same phone line as your assistant means that you have access to all messages and calls sent and received. This makes it easy to look up prior conversations if necessary or to find business contacts if someone has to exchange phones. Getting a new business phone for your assistant also means that you get direct access and never have to wait on hold to reach your assistant. If your personal assistant will be making personal runs, personal calls, and need access to your personal information, transmitting these via a private phone line is best.