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Three Reasons You Need A Video Business Card As An Actor

Acting is a non-stop business of marketing. As an up and coming actor, you should always be in the process of marketing yourself. You will need to present yourself to good agents, good PR firms, producers, and other contacts in the industries. For this reason, you will need to update your headshots on a regular basis, plus have business cards to hand out at any given moment. Here are three reasons why you should invest in video business cards as an actor. 

Everyone sees you in motion

Headshots are the norm in the modeling industry. If a producer is casting for a few positions, they may receive hundreds to thousands of headshots and resumes. If you want to stand out even before you audition, you should get a video business card that shows you in action. Acting is about making a lasting impression with the way that you move and come alive on stage. If you can create a video business card that shows you in some excellent scenes, you may stand out. 

Your agent can show you off

If you have a good acting agent, they will do their best to show you off in email descriptions and using fanciful language with casting directors that they meet. Instead of just trusting your agent’s words, you can give a stack of video business cards to your agent to hand out. This gives you the chance to back up your agent’s claims. Be sure that the video is professional and the photos and scenes included are the best of your career to date. This will give your agent true bragging rights and give production assistants and casting agents a reason to set up an audition immediately through your agent. 

People won’t want to throw it away

Investing in video business cards can seem hard when you feel like your business cards are always thrown out or tossed onto a desk with hundreds of others. A video business card that shows actual scenes and video of you in all of your acting glory is entertaining and inquisitive. A business card that looks like this is more likely to be kept and looked at more than once. Even if your card does end up on a desk or inside of a casting agents folder,it will be the first one to be noticed inside of the stack. As an actor, any advantage that you can get may lead to your big break. A video business card may be your golden ticket.