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Four Ways To Go Green With Your Next Office Space

Many businesses today are attempting to be more eco-friendly when they develop their office spaces. Going green isn’t just good for the environment — it also saves you a lot of money on your utilities, supplies, and maintenance. 

1. Commit to an Open Plan Design

An open design is almost universally better for the environment. Not only do you not have to use materials to build out walls within your office, but your office cooling and heating will be more effective. Even better, you’ll be able to utilize exterior lighting sources for much of the day, thereby cutting down on your lighting bills. Open plan designs have other benefits, too — they’re often seen as more productive and flexible.

2. Use Bright Colors, Furniture, and Dividers

When purchasing products for your office space, focus on pale whites and creams. These colors will bounce the natural light around your office, so you’ll need fewer lamps. A pale gray or cream office divider, for instance, will reflect light from the windows. Natural light doesn’t just make the office look better, but it also makes many employees feel better and work more productively.

3. Set Up a Recycling Area

The kitchen or the conference room are both excellent areas in which to set up your company’s own recycling area. You can then have the recycling boxes taken away by a local company at regular intervals. Recycling areas remind employees to be more conscientious about their waste. Many employees spend the vast majority of their day at their office, and so will produce a significant amount of trash.

4. Invest in a Central Printer

Rather than giving every employee their own printer in their office, invest in a single printer that’s in the center of the office. This will make it far easier for you to track the copies that are made — and it will discourage employees from making copies that they don’t need. Many offices generate a tremendous amount of waste through the printing of materials that they didn’t need. A paperless office is far better for the environment, even if you do recycle your paper.

Making a green office is all about keeping an eye on your energy use and your waste. You can contract professional office design services, like Arizona Office Solutions, if you want more information about how you can make your office better for the environment. There are many options today, especially when it comes to your office equipment and layout.