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Hacked Smartphones: The Company IT Trojan Horse And What To Do About It

Businesses are increasingly using mobile devices to get work done. While mobile devices come with the convenience of being mobile, it is also possible to hack them. Then, with a hacked mobile device, a hacker may access your network. The best way to prevent this is to educate your employees on how to prevent their smartphones from being hacked.

What A Hacker Will Do With An Employee’s Phone

If the hackers install snoopware on a phone, they may be able to listen in on cell phone calls and learn company secrets. This is a type of malware that is able to monitor messages transmitted by a phone. The software is able to run in stealth mode. The software is usually delivered by a text message, so instruct your employees to not open messages from those they do not know.

Why Password Protection Is Essential

Many users do not have passwords for their phones. This means that someone can easily pick up the phone and install any software that they want, including remote monitoring software. The password must be one that is easy for the user to remember, but difficult for others to guess. Birthdays are a terrible choice for a password, for example.

Always protect your company’s Wi-Fi with a password. While this might be inconvenient for employees, a public Wi-Fi allows for phones to easily be hacked and also allows for hackers to gain access to your network.

Turn Off The Bluetooth Settings

Instruct your employees to turn off their bluetooth settings, since these can be used by hackers to gain access to phones. Many cell phones come with the bluetooth settings enabled by default. The bluetooth settings can usually be turned off in the “settings” portion of your phone. Also, you can turn off your bluetooth settings more quickly by switching to airplane mode.

Instruct On The Warning Signs Of A Hacked Phone

Inform employees on warning signs of a hacked smartphone. The most obvious sign is that the smartphone behaves strangely. For example, you might notice windows opening or closing unexpectedly. The battery should drain more quickly than usual, even when not in use. Also, tell your employees to monitor their cell phone bills for signs of sudden changes in their bills.

Hiring an IT consultant can help your business more effectively develop safeguards against attempts to breach your network. IT consultants can better explain the ways in which your employees can prevent their smartphones from being hacked.