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Playing Phone Tag Too Often? Try Phone Systems Relay Instead (And Why A Phone Relay Is Better Than Phone Tag)

In business, you are constantly receiving phone calls and messages. While voicemail has its benefits, being sent to voicemail repeatedly can really frustrate your customers and other companies with which you are trying to do business. Instead, you may want to consider leaving the phone tag game behind and install relay phone systems in addition to or instead of voicemail and computer answering services. This is how these systems would work and why they may be a better idea than voicemail alone.

What a Phone Relay System Can Do That Voicemail Cannot

Usually, phone relay systems are used in conjunction with the deaf, blind and/or hard of hearing. People make calls to a specific number, which routes the call through a relay system to a TTY operator (a relay system operator) who can type, talk or text the receiver of the call. The sender of the call talks or types on a special keyboard what they want to ask or tell the receiver of the call. People who do not have challenges can also use the system because it can help reduce the number of calls the sender has to make by relaying the call to every number on the system that are connected to a particular receiver. For example, if you have ten numbers for your business by which customers or business clients may contact you, they only have to dial the relay number to get through to any of your established contact numbers.

While this is certainly an added benefit to installing such a system (because you can easily conduct business or answer questions with customers with these particular physical challenges), certain types of relay systems can do even more than just communicate with people with these disabilities. Many styles of relay phone systems can forward the calls to other phones that are connected to a relay phone, which allows you to answer the call anywhere you have a relay phone installed.

Additionally, the technologically-advanced versions of relay systems now have the ability to relay conversations to your cell phone via text message. Because you are able to respond with your own texts, you never miss a call or have to respond to a voicemail left by a TTY operator. (The TTY operator may leave a voicemail message in lieu of your customer or business client leaving one when you have a “speech-to-speech” line installed.)

Calls Forwarded Rather Than Sent to Voicemail

Since the relay system can forward all of your calls to your cell phone or other phones that are included in the relay system, you never have to miss another call. You can take calls from people without physical challenges and you can take calls from people with challenges. The only time your calls would be sent to voicemail is when you personally send them to voicemail. The rest of the time, you can expect your business phones and company cell phones to ring or receive text messages through the relay system. You would never miss a call or a text from the relay phone system ever (unlike voicemail). If, at any time, you want to change how you receive the calls and texts through the relay system, all you have to do is phone the relay system and request that a particular phone number be removed from the list of accepted phones for the relay calls.