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How To Repair Your Kid’s Broken Ipad Screen

Today, many kids use iPads for gaming and for completing schoolwork. However, while an iPad is a great educational tool and gaming device, it is not a toy. When your kid drops his or her iPad like a rag doll onto the floor and cracks the screen, you may see dollar signs for its repair if it has outlived its warranty. The good news is you can easily replace your kid’s iPad screen yourself.

Step One: Buy A Replacement Screen

When you purchase a screen replacement, the new screen usually has a digitizer attached to it. The digitizer is the part of an iPad that enables touch screen capabilities. Bear in mind that if the LCD panel underneath your screen is also damaged, replacing it at the same time is best. You can purchase a kit for screen replacement, but if you are trying to save money, buying just the screen and digitizer is a good idea. Screen replacement kits usually contain additional tools for completing your screen repair, but you can use other tools you have at home for deceiving the same results like the following:

  • A heat gun or hair dryer for loosening the seal that holds the screen in place.

  • A guitar pick for separating the screen from the base of the pad. Never use a razor blade or other sharp instrument because you can cut or damage components.

  • Adhesive glue tape specially made for your iPad model. You can purchase glue tape at most computer outlet retailers.

Step Two: Disassembling Your iPad

Use your heat gun or hair dryer on low heat for loosening the existing adhesive tape holding your iPad screen on. Remember to keep the gun or hair dryer heat moving back and forth all the time to prevent electronic damage. Once you have completed heating, use the guitar pick to gently pry open the device, separating the screen for its removal. Once you have the old screen off, gently remove the adhesive so you can replace it with new tape. You can use the guitar pick to scrape the old tape off so you do not risk damaging components vital to your iPad’s functioning.

Step Three: Putting On The New Screen

Once you have the old screen off and the old adhesive cleaned completely off, you can start placing the new adhesive tape. Keep in mind that the tape you buy for your particular iPad model is shaped for placement in certain places, so putting it down according to the appearance of the outer edges is important. After you have all the pieces of adhesive tape in place, you can place the new screen on them, gently pressing it to make good contact with the adhesive. Your screen should hold and will be as durable as the one your iPad had when it was new.

Before you start your DIY iPad screen repair project, take the time to check out the many online video tutorials for showing you how. Doing so is a good idea for learning insider tricks from professionals that have replaced many screens. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Wynn Win IT Solutions or a similar company.