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4 Great Benefits Of Getting Cable

Have you been debating whether or not to take the plunge and sign up for cable? There are more than a couple compelling reasons to give it a try.

Variety of local and national channels

If you’re looking to expand your entertainment horizons, cable is an excellent option. Cable providers are required by the FCC to offer all local broadcast stations a spot on the cable lineup. This is called mandatory carriage, and it ensures that cable subscribers have equal access to all local channels. But you’re not only limited to local stations– cable subscribers also have a wide variety of national news, sports, and entertainment channels. Some cable companies even offer different packages, so you can get the types of channels that you watch the most. Alternatively, some companies are even starting to allow customers to cherry pick what channels they want, instead of having to choose a set package.

Greater parental control

Both cable and broadcast stations must adhere to certain ratings guidelines. Those ratings are slightly different from the ones used by the Motion Picture Association of America for movies, although the setup is very similar. TV-PG, for instance, indicates that parental guidance is recommended for that program. And while that ratings system can be very useful for parents, cable subscribers can go one step further. Cable providers must give their subscribers access to something called a lockbox, if requested. The lockbox is a device that hooks up to your cable, and allows you to restrict what channels your television receives. If there’s a station you aren’t comfortable letting your kids watch, you can prevent your TV from even receiving it.

Exclusive content

More and more, stations are allowing the public to have access to shows and content online. Some cable providers have jumped on board with this, partnering with different channels to give their subscribers access to that content for no additional fee. While the latest episode of your favorite show might cost you money to watch online normally, you may be able to enter your cable username and password and watch that show for free.

More educational and children’s programming

The FCC requires all channels to carry some amount of children’s programming– typically referred to as E/I (educational/informational) programming. For cable providers, there are a few additional requirements. Cable providers must put a few channels aside to be used entirely for PEG (public, educational, or governmental) programming, meaning you have constant access to PEG shows.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not cable is right for you, talk to a local cable provider like Valley TeleCom Group about what different packages are available, and what other benefits they offer their subscribers.